Friday, January 20, 2012

Feline Friday is Here

This beautiful kitty is available at Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter in Kansas City MO where I volunteer. Camper has written a short auto-biography of his recent past posted below. Please read all about him and think about adopting this sweet and loving cat who needs a good home and someone to love him. You won't regret opening your heart to him. For more information, go to, and click on adoptions, available pets, cats and then choose Camper.

Hi there, I'm Camper and I'm a sweetheart. I was found as an injured stray and I spent my first month here being looked after by the kind vet staff. I had a large abscess which is healing well, but my hip is still tender. If you accidentally touch it, I'll twitch, but I'm too much of a gentleman to get angry about it.

I'm considered to be a senior cat, age 7, and I'm really mellow. I'm missing some teeth, too, and I'm FIV positive. FIV means I have a weak immune system, but most FIV+ cats live long and healthy lives. When we get sick or injured, it is harder for us to fight an infection, so take me to the vet. In my case I'm recovering nicely from my wound. FIV is not transmittable to dogs or people, just other cats, and only through deep bite wounds, not sharing food bowls or a litter box. As mellow a fellow as I am, the possibility of getting into a fight with another cat is low, but just to be sure, it’s best for your existing cat to not bring home an FIV positive cat. I can share my house with another FIV+ cat though. In general, as long as we FIV+ cats stay indoors in a loving and peaceful environment, and have regular vet checkups, we are usually healthy.

My feline-ality type is Sidekick. That means I'm friendly and moderately brave. I like people and I'm a happy camper when I can sit in someone's lap and be petted. That's my favorite activity - being petted. I don't get too riled up about toys or anything, I just like a comfy pillow or a nice lap. I probably won't be great in a household with young children because of the tenderness in my hip, and because I need to be in a relatively low stress environment. Probably there should be no dogs either, but I might be okay with a really mellow dog who doesn't mind sharing his home with a really mellow cat.

If you are looking for a quiet, loving companion who isn't likely to get into anything or turn on the lights at 3:00 a.m., please come by and see me. We had a cat named Cloudy that could do that. Hey, when a girl just wants to have fun, what are you gonna do? She was a hoot and a half! Do you have the right household for me? If so, I look forward to meeting you. I'm usually napping here, but when you come into my room, I'll enjoy getting into your lap so you can pet me. Watch the hip, though, okay?

Love, Camper

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