Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday - fire day

Two wonderful volunteers who I get to work with sometimes at Wayside Waifs are recovering from the after effects of a fire at their apartment complex a day ago. Best wishes go out to them both as they replace all their lost possessions. Unfortunately, one lost one of her animals and the other is at the vet being treated for the effects of the fire.

Feline Fridays with picks for adoptions will resume next week.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feline Friday - Rocket

This sweet little guy is called Rocket. He has come a long, long way in the time he's been at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City MO. He started out such a scared little guy who refused to come out of his kennel to meet some of  his adoring fans. Now you can't get him back in. What a difference a little kindness and patience makes. He'll probably take a step back when he goes home with a new owner, but give him time and he'll  make a great pet for you. Read his story below. For more information about Rocket, go to www.waysidewaifs. org to find out more about him. You won't regret it.

Hello, I'm Rocket. When you take me home, I'll be off like a rocket - looking for somewhere to hide! I was found as a stray in Belton and I must have had a bad experience, because I was really scared of people when I arrived here at the shelter. I used to always flinch and cower when being petted. But I have always been very sweet and gentle.

Some great people have been working with me here, and I've become less fearful of being petted. I really like treats, and sometimes that's a good way to help me relax if I'm cowering in my sleeping box. 

I used to always stay in my sleeping box until things were really quiet here, then I would come to the front of my kennel and check things out. Now I've become more confident, and when the shelter is closed and I'm around people that I know and trust, I enjoy coming out of my kennel and exploring. Sometimes I even meow for attention! This is great progress for me, and everyone is quite happy for me.

But when the shelter is open I generally stay in my sleeping box where I feel safe. This is probably how I will be when I go to my new home. I'll want my own special cat bed in an out of the way corner where I can feel safe while I get used to the new environment. And I will need a calm, quiet, patient owner and household. If your house is like a private library, I would LOVE that! Just you, me, and all that peace and quiet!

Guess what! I also like to play! Usually you have to gain my confidence first by petting me, or just letting me lay my head in the palm of your hand for a while. After I begin to relax, I will perk up, and then we can play! I especially like to play with a cat charmer - you know, a ribbon on a stick? But first I have to relax and make sure that I trust you.

I can't imagine myself being around dogs or children. I have enjoyed meowing at another cat who sometimes comes by my kennel, but I haven't interacted much with the other cats here yet. Sometimes we shy cats are helped along by a friendly feline companion though. 

Everyone here agrees that I am very sweet, it's just that I get so scared at first when people come to visit me. But I'm making progress, and everyone is so happy for me. 

I use my litter box faithfully, as a good kitty should. I have a short-haired coat which is easy to take care of. I'm not much trouble, and I'm very gentle.

Are you that special person who has a way with shy cats? If so, I do hope you will stop by to see me. I had kind of a rough life before I arrived here, and I look forward to being in a relaxing environment where I can live in peace and share my sweet, gentle self with you.

Love and Peace,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feline Friday - Lou

Lovely Lou is a beautiful Siamese Mix who's gotten a little bit tired of waiting for his forever family. Please read about this sweet guy and if you live in the Kansas City MO area, come by and meet him. He'd make a great addition to your family. Here's what he has to say for himself.

They tell me that my photos are almost as lovely as I am.  They also tell me that I appear to be a white/orange point Siamese, and that some people just love that kind of cat so maybe I won't have to wait a long time to be adopted.  That would be wonderful, because like all of us felines out at Wayside, I just want to go to a new forever home.

I was transferred from one of Wayside's partner shelters because they were out of space and wanted to give me the best chance they could to find a family of my own.  There is always a little waiting period after a transfer before we are available for adoption.  That gives people who may have lost us time to find us, but in my case that did not happen.  So here I am, all ready for out mutual interview where we can decide if we "click".

If you are ready for an addition to your family, I wish you would come out to visit me very soon.  I can sniff you and if you approach me gently, you can touch me.  We can look into each others' eyes and read the character and personality we see there.  You can talk and I can listen or meow if you inspire me to comment.  We can spend a bit of time just hanging out in a special room together.  Then we can decide if we are an ideal match.  If that happens, you can meet with the adoption counselor and take me right home with you the same day!

Just waiting for you at Wayside,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Feline - Biscuit

My pick for Feline Friday is a gorgeous 10 month old female cat named Biscuit. She's coming along nicely  and becoming friendlier and less scared as she learns humans can be quite nice toys. Read her auto-biography below and view her video too. She's a sweet and loving girl. ?Watch her video here.!
She's available for adoption at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City Mo.

As a stray kitten last October, I was lucky enough to be helped out by the person who found me struggling to survive outside all alone.  After a time, she made sure that I got to Wayside so that the people here could help me find a family who will take me home to love forever.

After coming here, I had some trouble not bothering the stitches on my tummy after being spayed, and until the incision healed up I was not able to get out to the adoption floor.  I had to wear a band around my tummy and one of the humiliating head cones.  Being a somewhat shy girl to start with, that did not help my self-confidence with people.  I know it was necessary for my healing, but kept me wondering "What next?" when humans were approaching me.

Though I am starting to be trustful and to want human friendship, I am going to need a lot of support from the family that adopts me.  They will need to be patient and gentle and kind as they help me to learn all about my new home.  That will help me understand that they want me to succeed in being their kitty.  With bashful girls like us, changes can take some time to adjust to ... and it may be a while before I start reaching out to give and receive affection like I want to do.  Can you handle still loving me without a lot of touching right away?

With all the people there are in the world, I believe that there is a special place for me to call home, with human hearts full of compassion to help me overcome my shyness.  The people here at Wayside are already working with me on it and say they see progress.  But what I really need now is a family of my own.  Are you the one(s) that need me too?

Hope to meet you really soon,  Biscuit