Friday, February 17, 2012

Feline Friday - Rocket

This sweet little guy is called Rocket. He has come a long, long way in the time he's been at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City MO. He started out such a scared little guy who refused to come out of his kennel to meet some of  his adoring fans. Now you can't get him back in. What a difference a little kindness and patience makes. He'll probably take a step back when he goes home with a new owner, but give him time and he'll  make a great pet for you. Read his story below. For more information about Rocket, go to www.waysidewaifs. org to find out more about him. You won't regret it.

Hello, I'm Rocket. When you take me home, I'll be off like a rocket - looking for somewhere to hide! I was found as a stray in Belton and I must have had a bad experience, because I was really scared of people when I arrived here at the shelter. I used to always flinch and cower when being petted. But I have always been very sweet and gentle.

Some great people have been working with me here, and I've become less fearful of being petted. I really like treats, and sometimes that's a good way to help me relax if I'm cowering in my sleeping box. 

I used to always stay in my sleeping box until things were really quiet here, then I would come to the front of my kennel and check things out. Now I've become more confident, and when the shelter is closed and I'm around people that I know and trust, I enjoy coming out of my kennel and exploring. Sometimes I even meow for attention! This is great progress for me, and everyone is quite happy for me.

But when the shelter is open I generally stay in my sleeping box where I feel safe. This is probably how I will be when I go to my new home. I'll want my own special cat bed in an out of the way corner where I can feel safe while I get used to the new environment. And I will need a calm, quiet, patient owner and household. If your house is like a private library, I would LOVE that! Just you, me, and all that peace and quiet!

Guess what! I also like to play! Usually you have to gain my confidence first by petting me, or just letting me lay my head in the palm of your hand for a while. After I begin to relax, I will perk up, and then we can play! I especially like to play with a cat charmer - you know, a ribbon on a stick? But first I have to relax and make sure that I trust you.

I can't imagine myself being around dogs or children. I have enjoyed meowing at another cat who sometimes comes by my kennel, but I haven't interacted much with the other cats here yet. Sometimes we shy cats are helped along by a friendly feline companion though. 

Everyone here agrees that I am very sweet, it's just that I get so scared at first when people come to visit me. But I'm making progress, and everyone is so happy for me. 

I use my litter box faithfully, as a good kitty should. I have a short-haired coat which is easy to take care of. I'm not much trouble, and I'm very gentle.

Are you that special person who has a way with shy cats? If so, I do hope you will stop by to see me. I had kind of a rough life before I arrived here, and I look forward to being in a relaxing environment where I can live in peace and share my sweet, gentle self with you.

Love and Peace,

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