Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why You Should Adopt a Black Cat

I’m happy to report that two of my dear friends “Veronica and Jellybean” who I wrote about last week have been adopted. Yay! It was hard to find them a home, as far fewer people adopt multiple animals. However, a wonderful family took the girls home. Complicating their placement was that Jellybean had a normally working ear, but it was an odd shape. The third strike was that Jellybean was all black.

You see, black animals have a much harder time being adopted than animals of lighter colors. It’s harder to photograph them and get a clear photo, plus sometimes their noses and other features cannot easily be seen. Without a good photo, many people pass over them and go on to the next animal to view. There are also old superstitions and misconceptions about black equating to “bad”.

Nothing is further from the truth. Black labs are among the sweetest of dogs and both black dogs and cats are smart enough to pour on the charm when an interested person comes by, having been passed over by so many who walk by their kennel. Happily, it’s not just for show. They are equally loving and friendly as other animals, and so grateful to be chosen finally by their humans.

Like many shelters, Wayside Waifs where I volunteer has lots of black animals up for adoption. There are so many wonderful animals just waiting for their forever families. This year has seen a bumper crop of kittens too, many of them black. These terrific cats need homes and if adopt one, you’ll have a sweet pet to love you the rest of its life. Sadly, some shelters are still kill shelters and black cats there have little chance of finding homes before their time is up, so many healthy black cats are euthanized.

Won’t you consider adding a black cat to your family? Watch the video below for more information why it’s a terrific idea to adopt a black cat, and meet the black cats currently up for adoption at Wayside Waifs 3901 Martha Truman Drive KCMO. For more information on an individual cat, see Here's the link to the video about black cats.

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