Friday, March 2, 2012

Kansas City Jazz

This one cool cat, I tell you. He's friendly and funny and oh so loveable, and best of all he's available for adoption today at Wayside Waifs. Read all about him and consider putting your very own spin on KC's great jazz history with this special feline of your very own. You can make beautiful music together. And he comes with a gorgeous red bed and musical print kennel pad of his very own. Somebody liked this special guy to get him some things of his very own. Come meet him today. Here's more about him

Hello, I'm the Jazz Man. I'm a pretty low-key Jazz Man, the 2:00 a.m., slow, mellow kind of jazz. And I'm a senior cat, ten years old. I'm popular around here because I'm quite the lover. I don't just walk up to everyone though. I take my time, just to make sure we are in the same key. And if we are, I'll look up into your eyes and ask you if you luuuuv me. And if you pet me and love on me, I'll love you right back.

My feline-ality type is Love Bug. That means I scored pretty low on the bravery test. I like to just hang out in my cool jazz pad and watch the action. If it looks mellow enough for me, I'll step out for a bit, but only as long it stays quiet. So I would like a quiet household and a special place for my own red bed which goes home with me.

The other part of the Love Bug type is that I scored high on the affectionate scale. I do love people. But sometimes I like to play, too. I used to have a sparkle ball that I played with when I thought no one was looking. Even us seniors like to kick up our heels now and then!

Although I have lived with other cats, it's definitely not my thing. My most recent household had cats that I didn't care for. So I did what cats sometimes do when we are unhappy - since we don't speak Human - I pooped outside the box. Gasp! Yep. It sure gets people's attention. So I went to live in foster care for a while, and I did fine, no "accidents." I tell you this just in case you might think that SURELY I'd love your own sweet cats. I'm sure they are great cats, don't get me wrong. But I have my ways of communicating. So. I really need to be the only cat in the household. That way I can have my people all to myself. And you won't have to clean up my "messages."

As for the litter boxes, I had TWO covered litter boxes in my foster home, which were changed morning and evening. And I used them every single time. I really like a clean litter box, so I thought I'd let you know.

During my foster time, I got to have my own room. One time an outdoor cat came right up to the window and peeked in at me, and I screamed! Wouldn't you?? Anyway, I don't want to have to be around other cats anymore. Please.

Being a senior cat I enjoy my long cat naps, so it's okay if you are at work all day. But when you are home, I will want to spend time with you, sit beside you or on your lap, and share the love. Everyone here says that I'm really sweet and affectionate as soon as I get to know you.

So, are you looking for a mellow, loving companion? If so, I'm the cat for you. Leave the kittens for the households with kids and dogs and cats and parties. If you think that you and I would make beautiful music together, come on by and see me. Hope to see you soon.

Jazz Man

Photo courtesy of Cathy Sherman

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  1. I posted this post to my Facebook page. I hope the adorable Jazz Man is soon making his mellow music in a new Forever Home!