Friday, March 16, 2012

Mandaga - a very special kitty

This wonderful kitty named Mandega is available for adoption at Wayside Waifs. She's had a spot of trouble in her young life, but things are looking up for her. She may not be able to see quite as well as some, but she's a sweetheart and deserving of a good home. She's affecgtionate and likes other cats.  Do you have room in your heart for her? Read more about her.

You may be wondering if there is something wrong with my right eye or if the camera just caught me at a funny angle that makes it look a little unusual. Let's clear that question up right away. Yes, I had damage to that eye when I was rescued by an area animal control. The vet clinic here at Wayside did surgery on it to relieve my pain and discomfort. Yes, I am non-visual on my right side. But I just want to tell you that this has not affected my love abilities.

It has made it a little harder not to get scared when people or things approach me from that side. Eventually when I am more familiar with my environment and the people in it, I may get more comfortable with that, but for now it is still kind of scary.

Sometimes I have heard people around here say that they are inspired by me because I have gone through some pretty hard experiences lately and have managed to stay so positive and ready to be petted. What inspires me is the hope that some caring family will be able to see past my little challenge and love me for who I am.

Who am I, really? I am a sweet, shy feline who just curls up into petting with a purr in my voice and in my heart. That just about sums me up in one sentence.

What am I looking for in a family? One where I can be totally appreciated for my optimism and positive outlook. One where gentleness reigns supreme and relaxation involves cat play and snuggles. One where my basic needs for food, fresh water, a tidy litter box and a place to clean paws/claws are always met. One where my people keep me inside because they know my ability to survive outdoors is compromised by my impaired vision. One that understands my need to be a valued, respected family member and accepts that I may always be quite timid with strangers. (Wow, I really had to use a lot more sentences to answer this question!! Not being a super-talkative kitty, it just about tuckered me out!)

Are we a great match? We will only figure that out if you come to meet me in person

Let's try to do that because I truly do want and need my new family really soon. And if you are a cat lover, I think you might need me too!

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  1. Mandaga is the sweetest kitty. I watched her "make biscuits" today as she kneaded her little bed. I saw she received the award for "best biscuit maker"!